Current Listens

It’s been quite awhile since I posted a blog entry.  Just wanted to share my current playlist.  It’s kind of a mixed bag… but I guess I’m not a hipster.  So here you go:

Abandon Kansas – Turn it to Gold

Charlie Peacock – In the Light (acoustic from Noisetrade sessions)

Abandon – Feel it in Your Heart

Sojourn – Death, Where is Your Sting

Mercy Me – The Hurt & The Healer

Tobymac – Mewithoutyou

Children 18:3 – On the Run (the whole record)

Future of Forestry – Young Man Follow (whole record)


Following who?

This morning I was reading in I Corinthians where Paul is getting on the people for saying that they follow him or Apollos. He admonishes to not boast about following a particular leader. So often today we hear people claim to be a John Piper guy, or a Rick Warren guy, or a Mark Driscoll guy, or an Andy Stanley guy. I myself have even identified myself in the past in these ways. Obviously there is some danger in doing this. I really like to listen to and read certain teachers but I do not want to be identified by the podcasts I download or the books I read. I want to be identified with Jesus, as His follower, as His servant, and that is it. I believe that God has given us these leaders to help the church and further the Kingdom. Too many times people get so wrapped up in following a particular leader that they forget that they still have to live out the Gospel within their context. I say, listen to your pastor and these other dudes. Weigh everything by the scripture. But ultimately be identified with Christ.

Welcome to the newness…

For some time now, I have been blogging off and on through various free blogging sites around the net.  I love the idea of having an expanded area of space to share thoughts that might be beneficial to some or just plain fun for me to get out there.  I have not been great about doing so as of late.  Some may ask why I would not simply write notes on Facebook.  I really don’t like sharing everything on Facebook.  I have things to share that not all of my 800 or so Facebook friends care to read about.  This blog will provide a place where those who care to read what I write can come and enjoy and those who don’t want to know, can simply not visit.  And yes I will make sure to post the URL on Facebook for anyone who is willing to come and see.  Hopefully it fulfills its purpose.  Feel free to browse around the site and comment on anything that hits you.  Hopefully you will be edified and maybe, just plain enjoy yourself while you are here.  God bless you and keep you.

In His Grip,